Treasure Island Day 3

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My morning walk today was a little chilly at 66 degrees. Funny how quickly I acclimated to 90 degrees in Fort Myers. I noticed something that I’ve never noticed in all of the years I’ve been going to the beach – watch the video and see the live shells bury themselves under the sand as the wave rolls out.

Shell Video

The hotel I stayed at was the Island Inn Beach Resort. It was decent mid-priced hotel and my room was recently upgraded which was nice. It had a gulf view and I slept with the patio door open both nights – falling asleep to the waves.

On the way home I stopped in Punta Gorda at the Fisherman’s Village which has shops and restaurants right on the water. After browsing through a few shops, I had lunch at the Village Brewhouse. It is just barely November, but they had all of their Christmas lights and decorations in place. In December I will be returning and going on a Christmas light canal cruise from Fisherman’s Village. Christmas season this year will be very different for me not having to deal with snow and cold.

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