Manoa Valley Rain Forest and Waterfalls

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This morning I went to the Manoa Valley Rainforest and hiked up to the Manoa Falls. This is where the movies Jurassic Park and The Hunger Games were filmed. A side note – it seems like wherever I have gone this past week, I hear that Hawaii Five – O is filming there. I haven’t seen the new version of the show, but always watched the original series back in the 70’s (Book him Danno . . .)

The hike was about 2 hours roundtrip with stopping, as I was in a group with a guide who stopped to explain the various things we encountered. The trail, which is hundreds of years old, was not overly strenuous to hike but it was very slippery mud and rocks to traverse. They’ve had fairly dry weather here for a while so the falls were not gushing down like they do after a big rain.

On the way back down, I was watching where I was going so as not to fall on the slippery rocks, and I heard “Hey Dianne!” and wondered who the heck would I know here! Turns out it was a couple from my photography tour earlier this week. And also, in talking with the guide, it turns out that she has a relative in my hometown in Minnesota. It truly is a small world!


The Manoa Valley Rain Forest


The Manoa Waterfalls


This mess of branches is actually part of one tree – all traced back to the original root.


This is the site of one of the scenes in the Hunger Games.

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