How to Pack in 30 Minutes or Less

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I Googled “Travel Blog Ideas” today to get the creative juices flowing since I am not on the road right now. I found a list of interesting travel topics to choose from – which you no doubt will be reading about in the future! One of the ideas was “How to Pack in 30 Minutes or Less.” Coincidentally, last night (before I googled this list!), I dreamed that I was leaving on a trip in a half hour and I hadn’t packed yet – where do these dreams come from? I am a list-maker and an early packer, so not sure how this seeped into my psych.

Unfortunately, I am not going anywhere that I need to pack for real soon, but I thought I would “simulate” packing in under 30 minutes .  . just in case I ever needed that skill.

Ok, timer is set for 30 minutes . . . GO!

Get out suitcase, carry on, and small backpack.

25 minutes

Gather up toiletry necessities while thinking about clothes.

23 minutes

Shoes, socks, underwear, shorts, Tshirts, polo shirts, 1 pair of jeans, swimsuits, beach towel, 1 good outfit in case I need it for something – where am I going anyway?

17 minutes

Carry on – book, kindle, ipod, snacks, camera and equipment, notebook, laptop, power cord, and mouse.

10 minutes

Small backpack – wallet, checkbook, assorted drug-store items from my purse, sunglasses, passport – am I going out of the country?

6 minutes

Grab my keys and I’m out the door.

Ok, so now we know it can be done . . . but I’m wondering what I will be buying once I get to my destination?!

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