Las Vegas

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Vegas isn’t exactly an island, but the skies were the bluest of blues and there were palm trees. I was there for a conference and saw a lot of the inside of the South Point Hotel, but I did also go on two of the FAM trips that were a part of the conference.

The first FAM trip was a tour of the strip, the water show and garden at the Bellagio Hotel, downtown to Freemont Street where we watched the Viva Vision Light Show (the world’s largest video screen which is made up of 12.5 million energy efficient LED lamps) and also stopped to ride on the High Roller wheel (at the top you are 550 feet in the air).

The second FAM trip included a wine and chocolate tasting at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory (the M stands for Mars), and a stroll through their lit up for Christmas cactus garden.

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