Mystery Trip

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Yesterday I led a mystery trip (the clients don’t know where they are going and the tour director provides creative clues to them throughout the day so they can guess) for Valley Tours.

One of the stops was at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center where we heard a lot of interesting things about owls, eagles, hawks, and falcons – did you know a Perigrine falcon can fly up to 200 miles and hour? We also got to see them up close and out of a cage – very beautiful birds!

One of the other stops on the tour was at Skyrock Farm. This is the best kept secret on the west side of the cities! No one could guess where we were going. The owners of this horse farm also collect organs, carousels, and other amusement park memorabilia. Everyone’s eyes got real big when they walked into the carousel building. It was quite amazing.

We also watched a horse-jumping demonstration, and got up close and personal with some of the horses in the barn while feeding them carrots.

It was a fun day, and a fun tour to lead. If you are in the Twin Cities area and are interested in going on a Mystery Trip go to for more information.

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