A Florida I’ve Never Seen

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In all of the 33 years I’ve been coming to Fort Myers, Florida I’ve never done some of the things I’ve done this week. I spent part of a day in the country and went horseback riding. My horse, Leah was a sweetie, but she didn’t want to stop too much for photos. The trail ride was along the Peace River near Arcadia, Florida. We rode past some long-horn cows roaming around.

I also addressed my fear of alligators and held a baby. I know, not quite the same as encountering a big one in the wild, but it’s a start.


On Estero Island (Fort Myers Beach) I went to a county park where there are Gopher Turtles. They are called that because they burrow into holes in the sand. See if you can find one in the photo below.

Mound House is a museum located on the highest point of Estero Island. This was home to the Calusa Indians and the mound sits on a very pretty site overlooking the back bay.

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