Bali Day 6

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Today we took a boat cruise to the island of Nusa Penida. The boat tied up to a large pontoon where we could go snorkeling, banana boating, use the water slide, or take another boat over to the island. I took the boat over to the island where there was a small amount of shopping for local wares, and then went to the beach. I didn’t think I would ever use the words “beach” and “icky” in the same sentence, but it really was. I’ve been to beaches all over the world and this has been the worst. Rocky, broken shells, and trash all over. And I had to walk on a wall to get there. The water, however, was beautiful and clear.

When we returned to the hotel I went straight to the pool for a nice, cool swim. After freshening up a bit I went out for dinner with one of my tour mates to a restaurant down the beach. I didn’t want a big dinner so I had a cucumber salad and crab soup. The bowl of soup actually had part of a crab in it. They make you work for your dinner here!

Water Thing

Not sure what this is called. I think I’ve seen it before though. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to stay up there very long!

Dinner on Beach

Dinner on the Beach

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