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I’ll tell you right now – I’m not a light packer. I really try, but inevitably my suitcase ends up stuffed. Of course it depends on what kind of trip you are going on – some require more than just a swim suit and shorts. I know some people would throw in a few swim suits, shorts, and t-shirts and call it good, but I need more “stuff” than that. So I hope to share with you some tips for packing for an international trip.

First of all we have to start with the airline’s weight restrictions. In this case, on the air segment flying on the smallest plane, the restriction is – 3 bags per person, not totaling more than 44 pounds. This is where I have been having trouble. My suitcase full weighs 37 pounds and my rolling carry on is 7 pounds empty! If I’ve done the math correctly, this equals 44 pounds. So what is someone who needs their whole life with them to do? Clearly

Out went the rolling carry on. I decided on a beach-type bag that would hold my laptop. That saved a bunch of pounds right there. Next, I went through everything in my checked bag and decided if I REALLY NEEDED it! Out went some more stuff.

Now, it’s time to shut down the computer, pack it in my carry on bag and see if it’s more than 7.2 pounds. My best advice on packing is this: Do your best at packing, then take out what you absolutely don’t need. If all else fails, hopefully you are traveling with one of those people who just throw in some swim suits and shorts so you can pack the rest of your stuff in their suitcase!

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