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My love of travel started in the sixth grade when I visited the ocean for the first time. After that there was no looking back. Over the years I've traveled at every opportunity, and in 2009 I started working for Valley Tours in Stillwater, MN as a tour director. I have much experience traveling myself, leading groups, and travel/tour planning. My desire going forward is to help people to see the world - to travel to places they've only dreamed about!

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I completed another bucket list item recently – I wrote a book – just a short ebook, but, hey, that counts too. It’s written mainly for women that are hesitant to travel alone (or even alone with a tour group). I hate to see anyone missing out on the awesomeness of this world – or.
In all of the 33 years I’ve been coming to Fort Myers, Florida I’ve never done some of the things I’ve done this week. I spent part of a day in the country and went horseback riding. My horse, Leah was a sweetie, but she didn’t want to stop too much for photos. The trail.
I went to Manatee Park in Fort Myers, Florida today. It was a beautiful day for canoeing, but unfortunately the only manatee I saw was this guy below..
Vegas isn’t exactly an island, but the skies were the bluest of blues and there were palm trees. I was there for a conference and saw a lot of the inside of the South Point Hotel, but I did also go on two of the FAM trips that were a part of the conference. The.

McKusick Boardwalk

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I didn’t travel too far today, but thought I would post some photos from my walk out to the McKusick Lake boardwalk. It is very quiet and peaceful and reminds me a lot of South Carolina.  .

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