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My love of travel started in the sixth grade when I visited the ocean for the first time. After that there was no looking back. Over the years I've traveled at every opportunity, and in 2009 I started working for Valley Tours in Stillwater, MN as a tour director. I have much experience traveling myself, leading groups, and travel/tour planning. My desire going forward is to help people to see the world - to travel to places they've only dreamed about!

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McKusick Boardwalk

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I didn’t travel too far today, but thought I would post some photos from my walk out to the McKusick Lake boardwalk. It is very quiet and peaceful and reminds me a lot of South Carolina.  .
640 acre Red Rocks Park, which is along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, is named for its 300-foot sandstone rock formations. The red rocks near the amphitheatre are called Creation Rock, Ship Rock, and Stage Rock. The giant rocks form the stage and seating area of this unique outdoor theater..

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